WordPress Development

What is Wordpress Development?

Wordpress is an open source software which you can customize to create a website, blog or application. According to Wordpress, 28% of the world’s websites are made using it, so that’s a community of over 60 million people .

What are the advantages of using Wordpress?

  • Customizable designs: You don’t have to get stuck with a template. You can choose one that you like and then code into it design or other features that you’d like to include.
  • SEO Friendly: You don’t have to hire a special SEO manager if you’re willing to work a little. There are one-button-installation buttons available so that you can manage your own SEO.
  •  Responsive Mobile Sites: Your website designs work perfectly well on all types of mobiles and tablets. You can specifically reduce or alter the design and content for optimum use on these devices
  •  HIgh Performance
  •  Manage on the Go: Everything is available online, so you can manage your website from anywhere and even from your phone
  • HIgh Security
  • Powerful media management

Our Services

  •  Wordpress Website development
  • Wordpress theme installation
  • Design customization
  •  Acquiring domain name and hosting the website
  •  Conversion from static website to Wordpress website

Why you should work with us?

  •  We’ve got a large team of developers
  •  We’ve made hundreds of Wordpress Websites
  • We’ve got clients across the board – from e-commerce to consulting
  •  We have a recommended list of designs and themes you can choose from
  •  We’ve really good at theme customization
  •  We’ve worked on multiple platforms
  •  It doesn’t matter if you’re a one person business or a large enterprise – we have a customized plan for you
  •  Apart from the website development we can handle other essential tasks of content management, graphic design and even SEO
  •  We’ll be available to you 24/7
  • We have a quick turnaround time

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